Sorry Now

Sorry Now - The News from Here

Written by Dave Maswick
(Maswick Music/BMI)

Throwing darts at a map of the world
and I still I don't know where you are
And I don't know why it took so long to see
All the wishes you were wishing for me and.....

All the love you sent my way
All the chances I threw away
All the things that make me sorry now

All the time I stole from you
All the lies that you saw through
All the things that make me sorry now

It might be too little, it might be too late
It might only be important to me
But I don't know why it was never enough
All the dreams that you were dreaming for us and..

All the love………..

We all seek forgiveness
We all make amends
And hope for transcendence
Before the end


Dave Maswick: Lead Vocal, Baritone Guitar, Synth, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Bass Drum
Joel Brown: Acoustic Guitars, Foot Tapping
Frank Orsini: Viola
Fred Lantz: Mandolin
Dave Maswick, Jason Brown: Backing Vocals