WEXT has named "The Truth About Love" as one of the top songs of 2013. Check it out: http://exit977.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Top-60-Local-518-Songs-of-2013.pdf


.......12-string guitars announce "The Truth About Love," and you can just imagine the catchy, uplifting hook-filled tune spilling out the windows of a fast moving car. Two different sides of love are explored in the sublimely beautiful "The Last Man Standing," which is a touching standout as an ode to true, long-lasting friendship...... Although this collection of songs includes many exceptional performances, the real headline of "The News From Here" should read: "David Maswick is a fine, formidable songwriter..........” - David Malachowski

Albany (NY) Times Union

Mike Hochanadel  JUKEBOX   Dave Maswick's "The News From Here" combines perfectionist craft with evocative vision to tremendously impressive effect: tuneful yet never obvious, personal but also inviting.  Maswick ..........makes jewel like solo albums.” - Mike Hochanadel

— Daily Gazette

Nippertown LOVES "The News From Here". Check it out!” - Greg Haymes


Dave Maswick - The News From Here Sometimes in not so rare moments of self pity I ask myself, "Who the hell wants to hear another CD from a 'veteran' musician?" ... After listening to Dave Maswick's latest my answer is, "Well, I do!" When you've known someone for many, many years it is inspiring to hear growth and wisdom in their new work. Maybe age IS just a number.” - Michael Jerling

Fools Hill Music

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