All The Lies Of Spain

Dave Maswick

Bright, masterful musicianship...elegant, soulful songwriting with slow curves and sharp edges. Like a wine with hints of blackberry, these songs have hints of Hank, the Wilburys and Alison Krauss...and the bittersweetness of never-quite-recoverable love

Everything you've heard about Dave Maswick is true......'s true that he is a classically trained musician and a graduate of the prestigious Crane School of Music. a student he appeared in concert with 20th century classical music icons John Cage and David Tudor.

Yes.....he was a member of the 1980's MTV favorites Blotto.....remember? (EVERYBODY SING ALONG: "I....I....I wanna be lifeguard....HELP, HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!")

Yes.....he was a member of The Hurricanes along with Jeannie Smith (songwriter for kd lang), Grammy award nominee Eddie Angel (of Los Straightjackets) and Dave Durocher (Marty Stuart).

Yes.....he penned the tune "I Don't Know Why" featured in the cult classic horror movie BASKET CASE.

Yes.....for the past 25 years he's been a member of the legendary northeast country metal bluegrass group The Stony Creek Band.

Yes.....he's a Dean at a prestigious northeast liberal arts college. Which one? Well, let's just say that it's the one Steely Dan referred to as "My Old School".

Yes.....with all that experience you'd expect great things from Dave.....and, of course, you'd be right. His new album, All the Lies of Spain, is a stellar collection of new songs that speak from a life rich with experience.

Written and recorded with help of the cream of the northeast's finest singers, songwriters and musicians, "All the Lies of Spain" is precisely what you'd expect from a mature, seasoned artist of Dave's caliber....EXCELLENCE.

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