Stony Creek Band

The legendary Stony Creek Band , the "Heart and soul of the Adirondacks", recorded live in concert at the Hudson River Music Hall.

Over 40 years of playing together, The Stony Creek Band's repertoire has blossomed to embrace a smorgasbord of American musical styles, everything from Cole Porter to Robert Johnson, Jimmie Rogers and their own infectious songs, all fed through a hopper of distinct identities and stamped with a sound that is recognizable over the sound of heavy traffic from a block away.

The writer Chris Shaw says this about the SCB: "I remember, in my role of frustrated musicologist, haranguing certain fellow regulars on my theory that what we were responding to with such unalloyed delight was a product of the landscape as authentically upstate as any Hudson River School painting or sculpture by David Smith."

Much has been made of the Adirondack regional sound in the last few years. The music of The Stony Creek Band contains a more purely distilled essence of the Adirondacks -- than can be heard on all the albums of the genre's more recent exponents.

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